"There is  a way to do it better - find it."

                                                                                    ___ Thomas Edison


MALBE is an international services, trading and distributions group and we specialise in "doing things better."

Through constant innovation, adaptation and expansion we have come a long way since our humble beginnings in 2007. We maintain a far reaching  portfolio and have successfully serviced many of the "big names," in most industries, across Sub-Saharan Africa and indeed the world. 


Over the years MALBE has become synonymous with above par service, quality brands and innovative solutions. The consumer, both large and small, can rest assured were our mark is displayed quality will follow.  


We represent, manage and distributed a number of our own (as well as international) brands. Each is managed as a separate entity whilst they remain under the MALBE umbrella. Collectively we boast well over 100 years of experience in our chosen markets and have in the process saved our clients hundreds of millions in operational and external expenditure.


As a result of our collective background, strategic placement, backing and support of each individual arm of our organization utilising MALBE or any of it's subsidiaries provides a cost effective solution from a single source of supply. 


Key goals are more readily achieved in today's fast track culture, the ultimate being streamlined processes - maximised profits with minimum expenditure.




We will strive for excellence and continuous improvement by being passionate and never grow complacent. We will use our collective knowledge to grow as individuals and as an organisation, enabling us to generate new ideas and sustained success. 









  • Global Purchasing

  • Global Destribution

  • Merchanting Trade

  • Project Management

  • Quality Assurance

  • Import-Export

  • Global Logistics


We are entirely committed to improvement and conveyance of 100% client satisfaction. We endeavor to only offer solutions which will entirely satisfy the requirements of our customers, working hand in hand to achieve agreeable results. 


We will be accountable and responsible for our actions and take further actions when necessary. We will act with integrity and respect for all of our colleagues, customers, business partners and shareholders.